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My training circle operates as a platform where organisations aiming at employee development and training can engage with trainers, coaches and mentors for training assignments, workshops or mentoring and work in a collaborative manner

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Benefits for Trainers

- Connecting trainers with new clients and meaning full training assignments
- My Training Circle enables trainers to work on the skills they are comfortable with
- Connect trainers with the training assignment not only near you but across the country
- My training circle provides ease of access to the right projects

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Benefits for Organisations

- Connecting organisations with quality corporate trainers
- My Training Circle enables organisations to reach beyond the reference network and big expensive training houses.
- Gives access to smart trainers near you within your budget.

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About My Training Circle

MyTrainingCircle is a platform that seamlessly connects professional trainers with corporates for short- and long-term training jobs and opportunities. Founded in 2018, the website is one of the first of its kind in India, allowing training professionals from all sectors and fields to put up their professional credentials on a dedicated platform, accessed by corporates specifically searching for those skills to contribute to their training programmes.

How It Works

My Training Circle creates a space for making corporate training smooth and accessible. Stories of unfulfilled,or semi fulfilled training programmes are not uncommon in any industry today,nor is it unlikely for us to come across promising professionals, willing to deliver a broad spectrum of customised services to the young professionals in their industry. My Training Circle aspires to be the link between the two,saving time as well as cost for both these groups.