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Corporate Trainer
Trainer Mechanical Maintenance

Starone Solutions
Posted at : Feb. 25, 2019

0.0-0.0 Yrs. Experience

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Job Description
Job Description - Strong in subject fundamentals & practical knowledge - Hands on experience with equipments & infrstructure preferred. - Good in Pedagogy & communication. - To train the customer employees, supervisors, trainees on Mechancal Engineering maintenance/ automation related topics. - Periodically Improve or update the contents as per customer requirement. - Add new topics / contents related to current technologies in the market. - Should be able to deliver topics related to Mechanical Maintenance.

Location : Delhi
Experience : 0.0-0.0 years
Industry : Manufacturing
Fees : INR. 0.0
Start Date : Jan. 7, 2019
End Date : April 30, 2019

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